can't insert the value NULL into column 'id' on external table
Application Type
Reactive, Service

created a table in the external db.  super simple, id column same as all the others that work:  

in external DB:

id col is primary key, bigint, no nulls

Integration studio:

set BigInt Datatype as Long Integer, Mandatory, Auto Generated.

In Studio:

Just using the Insert Action off the Entity.

Setting id to  NullIdentifier() 

getting this magic:

is there something super obvious that I'm just not seeing here??

Hi Steve,

The error message "column does not allow nulls" gives me the impression that this happens because it's set as Mandatory in the Extension Studio, and you pass a null value.

Would it work for you if you mark it as non-mandatory and then pass no value in the Service Studio? I think it should still work fine, as it's also marked as Auto-Generated.

Hi Ozan!  I'll give it a try.  all my other tables are marked up the same way with no issue.  but its worth a try.  I'll let you know!

nope, that can't be done.  makes sense, you cant allow nulls on a unique identifier column.

ok.  not sure why.  it wasn't enough to just specify a column as primary key in the db table.  it also needed defined as an id column.  this is in MSSQL Studio.

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