Get selected value from dropdown and use it in other input field before saving
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I have a form with a dropdown where user can select some options. I want to use the selected option/value in another field in the same form after clicking on a button. For me is not the problem to save the selected value to the database, but retrieve it earlier BEFORE saving.

I've checked the forum but I didn't find a solution. Has anyone a solution or example?

Hello @Jay Vanderven 

Please review the attached oml and let me know if that's what you were looking for?

In this demo, the dropdown 'OnChange' event triggers the display.




... and in this attached demo, I have added a button click event to display the selected option.


Hi Jay,

you don’t need to save the value in the database before you use it in another place within the form.

In Reactive you can access the value of the dropdown directly using the variable attached to the dropdown.

You can use the OnChange event to handle it and do whatever you wan with the value.




You may create new variable for drop-down or use aggregate list variable and assign it to input widget variable on dropdown change event.


Hi Jay,

Please go through the following image based on your question,

Hope it helps!



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