I´m trying to make a Gantt chart using fusion charts (http://livedemo1.outsystems.net/FusionCharts/FusionCharts.aspx).

I used the FCF_Gantt.swf and

"<chart dateFormat='dd/mm/yyyy' outputDateFormat='hh:mn:ss' name='Time Shifts' >
   <categories align='left'>
      <category start='00:00:00' end='02:59:59' name='Midnight' />
      <category start='03:00:00' end='05:59:59' name='3 am' />
      <category start='06:00:00' end='08:59:59' name='6 am' />
      <category start='09:00:00' end='11:59:59' name='9 am' />
      <category start='12:00:00' end='14:59:59' name='12 noon' />
      <category start='15:00:00' end='17:59:59' name='3 pm' />
      <category start='18:00:00' end='20:59:59' name='6 pm' />
      <category start='21:00:00' end='23:59:59' name='9 pm' />
   <processes fontSize='12' isBold='1' align='left' headerText='Who?' headerFontSize='18' headerVAlign='bottom' headerAlign='left'>
      <process name='John.S' id='EMP121'/>
      <process name='David.G' id='EMP122'/>
      <process name='Mary.P' id='EMP123'/>
      <process name='Andrew.H' id='EMP124'/>
      <process name='Neil.M' id='EMP125'/>
   <tasks shownames='1'>
      <task processId='EMP121' start='08:00:00' end='12:30:00' name='Morning Shift'/>
      <task processId='EMP121' start='15:00:00' end='19:30:00' name='Evening Shift'/>
      <task processId='EMP122' start='10:00:00' end='16:30:00' name='Half Day'/>
      <task processId='EMP123' start='08:00:00' end='12:00:00' name='Morning Shift'/>
      <task processId='EMP123' start='15:00:00' end='21:30:00' name='Evening Shift'/>
      <task processId='EMP124' start='08:00:00' end='20:30:00' name='Full time support'/>
      <task processId='EMP125' start='10:00:00' end='14:30:00' name='Half Day'/>

and the result is not the expected shown on the fusion charts site (http://www.fusioncharts.com/flex/docs/charts/contents/Widget_XML_API/GanttTime.html)

Thanks in advance.

Tiago Reis

I forget to mention that I'm trying to use time instead of days.

I want to make a Gantt chart for the timers of my application (to see if there is some colision).


Tiago Reis
We have extended the FusionCharts espace that is on the site to include structures for the Gantt Chart.  This way you only have to append the records to a list and then pass it into the Action to return the XML.  See if this will help you out in generating the xml.

One more point, there is a paid version and also a free version of the Gantt Charts.  The Free Version does not include as many of the features as the paid version.  If you include syntax for the paid version to generate the free version then it gets ignored (i.e. Time).  The version included on this site is the Free Version.
Thanks Rebecca.