How to trap DatePicker Prev and Next Month Button
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I need help on the issue I am facing. The task that I am trying to do is when the Previous and Next Button of the DatePicker is clicked, I would like to get the month and do something with it. I added the addEventListener javascript to the element in OnReady, but I am still having issue with as the element return undefine. The code that I did to add the event listener is below:

var elPrevMth = document.getElementsByClassName('pika-prev')[0];
elPrevMth.addEventListener('click', function(){console.log('hello world');});

I tested to console log the element that I want to add the click event on the screenshoot and true enough if I read the HTMLcollection list, it returns undefine.

Appreciate any help.




Hello Yudi Gemi Sutanto Tjong,

Kindly refer the attached link

Hope this helps!



Hi, I have read this link before. The problem I encountered with it is that:
1. jQuery is not advisable on Mobile.
2. I thought my DOM solution is similar with his. But I could not make it work 

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