How to use .JSON file to show it's data into Screen in Reactive web OS11
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.12.1 (Build 49734)

I want to use the data inside a .JSON file to show it as a product list on screen in reactive web app. 

But I don't know how can I use that .JSON file to fetch the records to the screen. If anyone know the exact way of fetching the data from .JSON file to view as a list on screen then please share with me.

Hello Ajay,

1) you have to create a structure through your Json as shown in the photo.

2) you have to deserealizded the data for the structure.

3) use the structure list to feed your table.

You can check this article, I think it will help. ( )

You can also follow this tutorial. (


Jorge Rodrigues

Hello Ajay,

Jorge's post pretty much lays out the steps you need to implement.

If an oml is what you are looking for, I have attached one that should be easy to follow. Hope it helps,




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