Converting static entities to normal entity

I have a application where i have a static table with records and i have some logic (if conditions) that uses this:

Now the client has requested that they want to dynamically change the records in the app. So i was thinking i should convert it to a normal entity but then i have erros in my logic where i cant use that type of logic.

Do u guys have some alternative or good practices to execute this?

Hello @Flávio Monteiro,

I have not had to do this in an enterprise application, but I believe there is no way around a manual fix. You probably are already aware of how to fix it manually, but just in case here are the steps:

1. A new aggregate would have to be included in the logic flow, with a filter to retrieve the Id for 'Externo':

2. Then rewrite the condition to use it:

GetRequestById.List.Current.Requests.OrigemId = GetOrigemsByType.List.Current.OrigemId



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