Passing variable from block to screen
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Hello, so i have been searching around, and i saw that with events we could pass a variable into a block. But what about the other way around?
I have a screen that will contain a popup.. That PopUp will have a form. But, that form can be diferent depending where it was open, it can be filter the docs table or the people table. So i created a block for each form, and i will use them in that pop up with an IF.. But i cant get access to the variables inside of the block..

the reason for the creation of the block is to avoid huge amount of variables in that screen, because if i placed the forms directly on the screen, it would have variables for the 3 forms and they are huge...

Any help is appreciated

Hello Ricardo,

Can't you pass the variables that are on the webblock through an event to the screen ?


Jorge Rodrigues

Nevermind me.... I watched examples on the way other around and when i see that the event takes inputs only i confused myself! My bad here, thanks for opening my eyes ! 

Sometimes it happens when we are looking at the same problem for a long time!

Hello Ricardo,

You mean passing the variable from the screen (parent) to the block? If that's the case then just add input parameter(s) to your block and work with that data on the "OnParametersChanged" web block action.



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