[Humanizer] [Team joining request] Component overhaul (more functions, JS port)
Forge component by Pedro Costa


We had to do an implementation of Humanizer for a customer, and we found out about this component on Forge. However, it's currently a bit simplistic (has only 1 Server Action -- "numbers to words") and uses an outdated version of Humanizer.NET.

We decided to install this component and make numerous improvements, including:

  • Updated the Humanizer NuGet package to a newer version
  • Added many new Server Actions to the extension, such as:
    • Humanize to Title Casing/Sentence Casing/All Caps/Lower Casing
    • Humanize DateTime
    • De-humanize
    • (TODO) Pluralize
    • (TODO) Singularize

Also (and most exciting), we added a port of Humanizer for JavaScript (@alduino/humanizer) and created Client Actions that are equivalent to their .NET Server Action counterparts, as means to use them in Reactive and Mobile applications, all client-side!

I am requesting to join the team because I believe it's much better to improve this existing Forge component as opposed to just adding a new duplicate. Please consider accepting me so that I can publish this improved version, as well as future enhancements that we intend to develop.



Great work Caio!

Request accepted.


Much appreciated! Thank you.

Will probably be publishing the new version later this week.

Hey Pedro, just letting you know that I've just published the version above as Under Development.

It appears that the component kind has changed from Traditional Web to Reactive, which is good. However, even though there are plenty of new features, I decided to not publish it as a stable version due to a regression that it introduces: the newer version currently does not support multi-language features yet, which appears to be used by the NumberToWords Server Action that this component had originally.

I am also not sufficiently secure about the JavaScript port that we used ... it's not maintained by its original author apparently, nor does it have multilingual support. We'll probably end up forking the original JS port and improving upon it, but that will take some time.


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