Send Mail: Disposition-Notification-To left empty still sents read notification

I've a webapplication from where users can sent e-mails and they can choose wether they want a read-notification or not by checking a read-notification checkbox.
While rewriting the screen to use the Outsystems Email functionality, I found out that it is possible to add an extended property "Disposition-Notification-To" which sents the notification e-mail to the e-mailaddress entered, but when I leave the value empty, the notification e-mail is still sent, but now to the From address.
(Tested this behavior in Outlook 2010)

As a work-around for this problem I've created two email-screens in Outsystems, one with the extended property and one without the extended property. When the user has unchecked the sent notification it loads email-screen without notification, otherwise it loads the email-screen with notification.

I was wondering, is it possible to solve this problem with only one email-screen?
Hi Remco,

That's a great question - thanks for teaching me something new today, I had no idea that that was how you would set the automatic response to an e-mail :)

I have never used it in the past, so I'll just venture a small guess that might give you some lights on how to achieve what you're looking for - or at least, are worth a shot!

Given that, per the specification, the Disposition-Notification-To is a message header, you could try to add it either as a conditional unescaped expression in the message body (try to open the source of an e-mail with that set, to see how it should look), or if that doesn't work, you could try to use the HTTPRequestHandler extension and try to set it in the header using the AddPostProcessingFilter action as stated in this topic (for a web page, mind you), or as stated in this topic as well, with a different extension.

I hope these help, and do let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares