Entity With Espace Dependencies Details


Is there any System or any other entity that holds information about elements added to an espace from other espace as dependencies. I know there is Espace_Reference entity but none of the attributes seem to store such information.

Just to be very clear about what I am trying to achieve  - I have information of the logged in user, for this user I want to get all the assigned roles on platform instance in any application and then finally get the list of all the applications which are consuming those roles as espace dependencies. I am able to get the user roles information from User_Effective_Role entity, and aware of how to get the relationship between Espace, Module and Application, but struggling to find the entity that stores dependency elements details.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Junaid

You can use the entities Espace and Espace_Version to get the published version (just sort by Espace_Version.Version DESC to get the last published version).

Then you can query Espace_Reference using the Espace_Version.Id to get a list of dependencies of that eSpace.

This is the output from a simple eSpace that I have:

You get the reference name (actions, structures, entities...) and the producer name.
Then you just need to join this result with the Espace - Module - Application to get the roles. I think this solves your issue


Hi Junaid,

If you want to get the relationship of Application, Module annd Espace, please refer to this Entity of application, module and Espace, and we can also get relationship between Espace and Role with the foreign key 'EspaceID' in Role Entity.

Hope this can help you.

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