BPM process and activity identifer


Any one encounter issue of running out of number for the ID  in ossys_bpm_process?

We have reached almost 2,147,483,647 which is the max number of Integer (int33).

What happen if the number runs out? Systems noonger working anymore?

Same question on OSSys_BPM_activity.

Any one have any idea if outsystems ready to upgrade the integer to long for BPT?


Hi Martin,

That's a very good question. I would assume that it just keeps counting, which means if treated as a signed integer, it will become negative (not sure whether there would be impact except for sorting). If it's treated as unsigned, it will keep counting until 4 billion and a bit. But I think the best thing you could do is contact OutSystems Support and ask them for advice.


Hi Martin,

I know this happened before and has been solved for those clients. You can contact OutSystems support and they can help you further.
kind regards,


Hi Martin, 

In a previous client project a couple years ago that problem arisen. 

The solution was to start using negative numeration. 

At that time this was the best solution without having to refactor. 

Hope that it helps you 

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