Facebook login with native mobile applications

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what would be the best way of implementing Facebook login on native android and ios applications having in mind they no longer support Android embedded browsers (WebViews) for authenticating users?

All currently existing plugins on forge seems to be outdated and/or missing proper descriptions for the native mobile applications support.

Any leads, instructions and references on how to do this with OutSystems is appreciated. Cheers!

Hi Marius,

I had the same problem only with Google login. Eventually I did ask OutSystems support and they did mention this forge component. Maybe it helps you. 

Good luck,


Hello Bart, thank you for the reply. Are you still using the component? Can you confirm it's working ok on iOS? I've tried it literally just now and the result was the following:
I don't know if google already deprecated this as well, but we noticed iOS is already not allowing embedded browser authentication and Facebook already deprecated this on Android as well. 

Hi Marius,

I still have to dive into the component and did not try it yet but I saw there is a part in the code that should cover that (see screenshot below). If it is not working as expected I would like to advise you to make a forum post in the component. That way one of the developer could assist you.

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