Bar Chart not aligned properly only in PROD
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Hi team,

I'm using Bar chart and the alignment is not correct only in PROD. I'm using the same logics in Dev where everything looks good. But in PROD facing the issue.

Are you using a global theme? If so, Are you absolutely sure that the same version of this theme in dev is the same as in prod? We also had these strange issues and after pushing the latest version of the used theme to prod these issues vanished.

Hi Vincent, 

The version is same in both the Environments.

Is there any new version available now?

I'm not talking about the version of the Charts component. I'm talking about a self-made separate component that holds your theme. Perhaps there are some CSS classes defined in there that are new or changed that is not yet pushed to Prod. Note that using a separate Theme is optional so perhaps you don't use this feature. 

Hi team,

The version is also same but still the alignment is wrong. Is it possible to hide the count?


Hi Hanishq,

I agree with what Vincent already mentioned, but still, if you want to hide the bar count, you can define the HighchartsJSON config value as mentioned-below to the respective bar chart widget.

    plotOptions: {
      series: {
        dataLabels: {
          enabled: false

Sample link: TWA | ChartsDemo

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

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