[Dropdown Tags Advanced] can't seem to trigger search event
Forge component by Borislav Sh.
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Hi there, 

many thanks for the great forge component.  I'm using it successfully in a few situations but i can't seem to get the search event to trigger.  i'm assuming its when the user inputs some text, the search event is supposed to fire?

I've placed "{""searchEnabled"":true}" into the advanced config section (tried a few variations on this) but nothing triggers the search.  

What i need is to grab the user input and assign it to a shared search variable, and then refresh the aggregate to get the results.  this is because several dropdown tag widgets are using the same aggregate but each has a different set of selected tags from user input.  i'm assigning different users to different roles via an administrative UI.

I have tried debugging DropdownTagsAdvancedOnSearch in the client espace and OnSearchListener in the widget espace.  neither gets triggered on user input.


Hi Steve,

For the mentioned use case, I suggest you register the onkeyup handler to the search input (in the onRender event handler action flow) to capture the search keyword value and use the same in the respective Aggregate filter condition.

See this sample screen: AdvDropdownTags | Capture Search Value

Refer to the attached .oml file

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


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