OutSystems Application Migration from OnPrem to Cloud Steps

We have several OutSystems applications (v11) on our On Premises server and we are planning to move to Microsoft Azure as part of cloud transformation. While coming to OutSystems applications, can someone help what are the generic steps for OnPrem to Cloud Application Migration strategy if you have performed recently? I can remember the below steps:

1. Convert the application from OnPrem, packed as a solution file - convert with IPP - to be installed in the cloud OutSystems environment

2. Once installed, we need to use some forge components (like DMM) for data migration from OnPrem database to cloud

Is there any other steps (in general) we need to follow? I could not find much details in this topic from the OutSystems success pages. If there any, please share. 

I believe OS team should share an official migration approach for OnPrem to Cloud application migration.

Hi Somesh,

Some extra steps to check on Service Center

  • Service Center configurations you might have (e-mail, external databases, SAP) - before the deployment.
  • Site Properties to make sure you update them after the deploy in the new environment. 
  • Web Service endpoints
  • Timer schedules

I think it's hard to have a defined plan for this type of migrations, but if you follow your steps + ServiceCenter configurations you should be fine.

To migrate the data I use this solution from my company.



Hi @Somesh Renganathan

        I am also facing this issue on my project, so could you share me some point on regarding this migration so it will help me to process further.

     If any one form community knows about migration from on premise to cloud, you can share you points here, its so help to others.



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