TextToDateTime Conversion

I want to Update Text To Date Time . I used below expression but return Null DateTime Because AM or PM Included in my Output Value. SO how can i get the Below Image value to DateTime Data type

TextToDateTime(My DB Value) expression 

My DB value:"9/16/2015 7:21:29 AM"

Hello Sathish ,

I suggest you create a function where you cut the AM or PM part and store it in a local variable, do the Text to DateTime and then use the function to format the Date Time, with AM and PM. I leave a link where it explains how to format the time in AM or PM.



Jorge Rodrigues

Hi Jorge,

Thanks its worked.. 

Hi Sathish,

You follow Jorge's suggestions and you can also do this conversion in the DB. In the DB you will have the full pattern configurations to format your exact date.

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