[KeepAlive] KeepAlive no longer works on PE's
Forge component by Hanno

Unfortunately for me KeepAlive no longer works. 

Even though it's installed straight from the Forge and updated to last version on my PE I sometimes get the annoying email that it's going to be deleted, so it keeps going to sleep.


Hi Yuri

This component was not designed to keep your PE alive. 

It was built to ping specific pages to keep load times optimal, i.e. a site that doesn't see a lot of traffic, the application pools would go to sleep after a period of time and the initial load time for any user would then be "significant" - this component aims to prevent the application pools from going into the sleep state.

Hey Hanno,

That's a shame, I think it used to work for that, even if not intended to, but from a few months ago it stopped. But yeah, if it's not the goal of this app then it's a non issue. Thanks for the quick reply!

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