[Amazon S3] How to Retrieve Object List From AWS S3 Bucket using Amazon S3 Forge Component
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Hi OS Community I am using Amazon S3 Forge Component In my project for Retrieve list of Object and show on Screen For that i am using ListFile Method Where i am providing Parameters value but am confusing in SubFolder property what is it and what i will assign to that. And am Getting "The specified key does not exist." that error on ListFile Method while debugging.

And Second Screen Shot of ListFile Method.

Hi Apoorv,

You shouldn't pass the BucketName in the SubFolder parameter. The SubFolder parameter is used when you want to list files inside a folder. For example if you use "/my-dir/sub-dir" the action would list all files inside "sub-dir" folder.

If you want to list all files in the root of your bucket, send an empty string.

Also.. don't send CurrDateTime() in both LastModifiedFrom and LastModifiedTo, you would get files that changed at the exact time of the request. 


Hi @Victor Salvalagio Pereira Thankyou For your Answer as your suggestion i change in my method parameter but still i got an error "The specified key does not exist." what's the reason behind that can you explain me.

I would suggest you to try list the files using Amazon CLI Interface to be sure your keys/bucket are properly configured.


I already had some issues with S3 buckets and they were related to misconfigured permissions in my tokens. Listing files directly using the CLI tools helped me to find the problems.


This error may occur, if the specified path is not correct. Please make sure the path you have specified is correct.

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