[CertificateUtils] Why can't I register for the Expert Traditional Web Developer exam?
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I have passed the Professional Traditional Web Developer exam, but when I want to register for the Expert Traditional Web Developer exam, why does it show that my Professional Traditional Web Developer exam has not been taken yet?

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You posted this under my (very nice and helpful) CertificateUtils Forge component, but that has nothing to do with Outsystems Certificates and exams.

To answer your question:

The messsage "Requirements not met" must be a bit off as i can see you did pass that exam. But to be able to do the expert you gave to have that certificate for at least 1 year. Perhaps that is the reaosn you can't register for Expert?

Hi Yitong,

From your profile achievements I could see that you got your Associate Web Developer certificate on Sep'2020. You can take professional Certification after 6 months only. That is, after March'2021. There should be a 6 months gap. You got professional certified in July'2021. Now you can take up Expert certification after 1 year only. That is, after July'2022. Hope you now know why you are not eligible.


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