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I just want to change the default color reference that is used on envery chart.

For example, I have 3 charts on a web page and I want one to use green, another blue and another yellow.

To be more clear I need 3 dount charts one with green colors (every record is going to have a different green color), one with blue color ((every record is going to have a different blue color) and one yellow (every record is going to have a different yellor color).

In the forum I have seen how to define a color for every record, but that is not what I need. I just need to define the defualt color of the chart and the system is going make the rest (In fact is what is doing now but i do not know how to send the variable oh the rerefence color).

Thank you very much.


Hello Salvador,

I hope you are doing well.

Please check with the below link and also you can find sample OML there for your reference.

Hope this helps.


Ajit Kurane.


thanks for your answer but I think that is not the solution to my problem.

I understant that this link show you how to define the color of every element.

What I want is just to change the default color that the system is usgin to generate the graphs.

For example, in my enviroment is using blue and when i make i graph it usues diffent gradiations of blue.


@Salvador Duran could you share your oml?

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