Is there any way to refresh screen aggregate after timer runs ?
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In reactive web app I want to upload 90mb file and I was using timer to perform the action asynchronously in backend and after uploading the status will be updated in DB as "Validated".After the timer completes running It has to be updated on screen as well as "Validated" for that, the screen aggregate has to be refreshed. As of now it was only showing the old status and when we refresh the whole screen manually its showning the "Validated" status. Is there any way to refresh screen aggregate after Timer completes running?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Prathoswar ,

The only way I know is to use javascript with a setintereval, if you know more or less how long validation takes you can use it as is in this link: 


Jorge Rodrigues


Hi Prathoswar,

Please find the attached sample for reactive:

Hope this helps :)


Manish Jawla


Hello @Prathoswar ,

I hope your are doing well.

You can use forge component also to fulfil your requirement.

Please refer the below link

and if you wish to do with javascript then you can refer the below link,

Hope this helps.


Ajit Kurane.

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