Maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion
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Hey there,

I'm getting a error while running a BPT process, I searched for the error message but only found forums talking about SQL queries and I'm not using any advanced queries in my process.

The error is the following:

The process flow is simple, i have an automatic activity and a decision, the automatic activity checks each time of the loop if it's next to timeout and the decision returns to the automatic activity until it finishes what i need. 

In service center I realized that the automatic activity didn't run 100 times and the error is triggered when the decision loop finishes, there's one more automatic activity to update a table and the error comes from this last automatic activity.

This update don't use advanced queries.

The main automatic activity has a loop with more than 100 records but the Maximum Iterations attribute is not filled.

Have you ever faced this issue?


I found out that the process was entering a infinite loop because of the logic inside the Automatic activity and this was causing the error.

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