Consume Rest API - Internal Server Error.  Unable to connect to the remote server

I am trying to consume a rest API and I have tested with Postman and everything works perfectly.  However when I try to test in the Studio I am getting "Internal Server Error. Unable to connect to the remote server" message.  I have found other posts that say something about the server blocking the call but there are no restrictions on port 9650.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello Jonathan, how are you?

Can you check the quality of the image you have attached please? 

maybe it's just for me, but i can't read the infomation in the image. 


Here is the better quality image.

Hello @Jonathan Beard

I agree with Agno, the image is not clear when enlarged.

In comparison with your Postman request, let's verify if you are executing a POST vs GET and can you try https:// instead of http://?



Here is the successful postman request:

Hello @Jonathan Beard,

I had no problem getting a response from my personal environment in OutSystems:

So this narrows down the problem to your local machine and/ or your OutSystems platform server as Hans Dollen has already suggested. If you are on-prem, you may need to talk to your network infrastructure folk about it.



One of the differences I can see is that in Jonathan's original post he does not have a content-type defined, in yours you have a content-type of application/json. 

Good observation @Jeanene Williams,

The 'Content-Type' setting in the header, though had no impact on the response I was getting at the time. I should have removed the setting. As soon as I paste the JSON in the Body tab, the content-type is apparently  recognized to be 'application/json' automatically.

So just to clear that up, I hit the endpoint again just now, without specifying the content type in the Request Header. 

The response data has changed over the last few hours apparently, but I still get a 200 OK.


The first thing to do it check the address. You are connecting using an IP address, is this the internal address of a server or a public IP address? If it is an internal address and you are using the PaaS Outsystems version the request will be coming from the Outsystems cloud servers and you will need to use an externally accessible address and have your firewalls set to divert traffic on that port to the server.

It is a public IP address for Azure deployed virtual machine.

Besides the remark of Jeanene, when you want to consume an api using the OutSystems Development Environment, it tries (as far as I've noticed) to consume that api from your local machine. So your local machine as well as the outsystems platform server needs to have access to that ip / port combination.


Have you checked it on Postman as well? if not then check once.

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