Implement Facebook SDK

Hello everyone.

Is it possible to implement Facebook SDK to the mobile application through OutSystems as explained in Facebook's documentation?

If yes, could anyone explain how?

Thank you in advance. 


Hello Marius,

The best way to use an SDK in OutSystems is through an Apache Cordova plugin, as it is described here.

To build your plugin, you can use an SDK available at a repository, such as this one, available in github.

Let me know if that helped you.

Best regards,


Thank you Ricardo!

We still need to try it, but that connects the missing pieces. I was going in circles on the topic and now it's clear on where to start. 

Hi Marius, 

Did you manage to implement this plugin?

If yes, can you help me?

I started making the events plugin, but I'm facing a lot of problems



Hello Rui, 

Unfortunately, we had to drop this at some point. Currently, I cannot provide anything useful.

But, since you reminded the topic I might try to find some time to tackle this again and will share the progress if I'll have any.

Good luck!

Hi Marius,

Glad I could help :)

Best regards.

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