Retry Schedule  Timer

Dear All,

I have a schedule that I set Daily,

in the list above I will send an email via their respective hosts.

NoHost NameEmailPort

My question: What if one of the hosts can't connect, for example

And how to repeat so that I can continue to the host point number 3

Noted : Im using the forge SMTP Clieent



By default, a timer will retry 3 times if an exception occurs, this amount of is configurable in service center.

But I would advice you to read the following article:



Hi @Hothorasman Panjaitan,

addition of above,

the timer will terminate at the timeout set in the platform. you need to wake the timer before terminates to continue the current process.

else you can use BPT(process) to send mail.. create a separate process to send mail via particular hosts

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