[TheRecorder] Error web block multiple instance
Forge component by Arley Silveira
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Hi all, 

We're trying to use this component on multiple screen. This component has an WebBlock that create the instance to access to Camera. when I insert it on multiple screen at runtime if I open the camera in a screen I cannot reopen in other screen. the error message is:  [TheRecorder] You can only have a single instance  . How can I kill this instance when I change screen? I'm trying to use a OnDestroy Action, but I don't know how to kill a web block instance.

Any help is appreciated. 

Best Regards, 


Hi Gianfederico,

I've had the same problem and I've created an "On Destroy" Client Action with the following JavaScript code:

if(TheRecorder._available) {

delete TheRecorder._instance;


Let me know if this helps! It worked for me.

Have a nice day

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