[ZXing Services] ZXing QR Code Contact - fullname
Forge component by André Vieira
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.12.2 (Build 50367)
Platform Version
11.9.2 (Build 29615)

I am using Zxing services QR Codes EncodeContact.

I am trying to pass some parameters onto the structure of contact. The field - "Fullname" always get truncated in my output result. 

I tried hardcode it (Swee Hwee LIM) and failed to display full text. In my QRCode image, it returns "Swe Hwee LIM". The letter e is missing. 

Any one facing this issue? Thanks for advise in advance. 

It works on Android phone. But when i use Apple (iOS) camera to scan, it always get truncated.

Hi siew wah low,

I found a bug in the VCARD encoding, I'll provide a fix as soon as possible. If you select MECARD format and if you can use that format, it should work.

Any estimation timeline for this fix version?

Hi siew wah low,

Yes, I'm hoping to be able to upload a new version still this week. I already have a fix but haven't tested it properly, I also found other bugs in the VCARD creation and wanted to test everything properly before uploading that new version. If you go to the component's demo page you can test the fix and provide feedback ;)

Anyways, I forgot to mention something which could unblock you more quickly...

The EncodeContact is just an accelerator to create a QR Code for a MECARD or a VCARD. IF you know how to create the VCARD specification you can simply use the EncodeBarcode action to generate the barcode.

I tried the EncodeBarcode action and it works with vcard properties defined. But I want to use Aggregate as my data.

But for Chinese characters, it turns out junk characters on my output of contact through i have specified UTF8 in the EncodingId. 

Any advise? Thanks so much.

I tried test the DemoContact - same issue on Apple phone. 

Vcard - Fullname get truncated (Summer Lim become Summe Lim) 

Thanks Andre, will wait for the fix version! 

There are limited fields for MECard format. I would want to use VCARD. Thanks.

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