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two radio buttons, one has a value of true and the other false. They must create or update the data in the database and update the information on the screen. And the radio button "false" must be the default value. How to do this ? Do I use the same variable for both radio buttons? How do I create and update data in the database? 


Please take a look at my sample .oml.

I included default value as False, and also I made an extend version for Option. As Option is static so you can add more option and if you want to set default value of Option you can set Sample.OptionId = Entity.Option.[YourDefaultOption] if Create new record.




Hi again,

Here is the demo in case you needed.



Hi @Gabriela Tofoli Nunes,

Just curious, why not use a checkbox if you only need a true/false value to be captured?

Another option is a toggle button:

I mentioned these just to make sure you were aware of other options. If the 2 radio-button is a hard requirement, then I understand.



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