EnterpriseManager - Import Configuration

We have eSpace "TestX1" and "TestX2" both eSpaces contain the same core business logics for the EnterpriseManager, import configuration feature.

Upon publishing the eSpace application, then logging into EnterpriseManager and viewing the "Application, Import Configuration" screen. You will notice that the "TestX2" eSpace application will appear in the "Import Configuration" available eSpace dropdown list, however "TestX1" does not appear on this dropdown list.

The question is NOT how do we configure our eSpace so that it would appear in dropdown list, but rather the question is Why doesnt "TextX1" appear in the "import configuration" available eSpace drop down list? (when basically both test eSpace contain the same core business logic for import configuration)

Hi Robert,

I believe you can only import configuration into Enterprise Manager from eSpaces that share its users (i.e. eSpace.User Provider eSpace= Enterpise Manager)

Tiago Simões

After being puzzled for many hours, wondering what is wrong, tiago, you solved it in 2 seconds :)

Thank you Tiago!