How to use a local variable with Javascript?

Hi. I'm using the Javascript API feedback method, as explained in documentation:

$public.FeedbackMessage.showFeedbackMessage("Your data has been submitted.", 1, true""false); 

Instead of the message, I can show an input parameter, this way:

$public.FeedbackMessage.showFeedbackMessage($parameters.MyParam, 1, true""false);

I'd like to know how can I show a local variable which is declared in the module. I've tried somthing like this:

$public.FeedbackMessage.showFeedbackMessage($variables.MyVar, 1, true""false);

Well, you guess, it didn't work. Is it able to reach a local variable form javascript to be displayed in such a message?



Try to check this documentation ( It shows how to add input (and output) parameters to your javascript.

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