Ractive WebApp send HTML EmailBody


i want to send an eMail that get's the content as a parameter. The parameter contains HTML content.

When i receive the mail, the HTML is plain text.

What i found is followoing:

Expressions in Traditional Applications have the "Escape Content" attribute. When you set it to "No" a mail sent by a Traditional Application is delivered as a HTML Document.

But in Reactive WebApplications the Expression has no "Escape Content", so all the body is escaped and shown as plain text.

One Solution would be, to create a Traditional Application JUST for sending the email and provide a public EmailSend-Method. 

But that's so much overhead just to send a mail. 

Do you have another solution for that?

Thank you,



Have you tried using the HTML Element ?

Or you can try to use the InjectHTML component from the Forge.

These were some suggestions from this post. You can check there if there is anything else that works out for you.

Best regards.

I could not manage to add the InectHTLM element to the Mail and the "HTML Element" is also not available.

The only few elements i can add to a Mail in a Reactive Web App are 

I am having this exact same challenge, having to send an email from Reactive application with HTML content.
Has anyone tackled this already?

Thanks. Kind regards,

Ellen Visser

Hi Team,

I am trying to open a fresh mail using redirect URL method in Mobile App. I succeeded to do so using "mailTo" in url parameter. But I also want to pass some formatted text like bold text in it. Can anyone please help with that. 

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