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I have added the ``ticked the ```'Anonymous' on every screen but there should be a default.. which i cant find in any documentation? Please advise

Hello @Cyborg

1. In the oml you shared, the Entry screen for the application is 'Groups'.

2. Since you have set the Anonymous login on all screens so I was able to load the Groups page on your environment. So you should be able to launch the Groups page by either clicking on the following link


or by clicking on the following icon in Service Studio:
Screenshot showing the Entry screen set up:

3. I am guessing that you may have attempted to load the Login page and that's why you were forced to login with credentials that may have been invalid. Hope this clears up things,

Best regards,


Thank you so much AJ, i truly appreciate your guidance. 

Been working on a project in Laravel and on Flutter and here to compare. 

I am enjoying OutSystems as it seems to offer more in a very different way. 

I will keep doing my best to wrap my head around things so i can full understand and make use of OutSystems for all intents and purposes. 

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