Date Range Picker Traditional | how to set placeholders on load of screen

Hi all,

On load of my screen the date range picker I have used  is showing some date, I want it to be blank with a placeholder , tried different things but can't work. Also My date range picker is bind through a local variable, through which I am getting a date  range in text format  in my local variable then I am using that  value and selecting the text by  substr(), but  when a page is loaded as I have selected current date is showing on my date picker, but when I try to select the current date it is not getting selected , however if I choose another date our clear the field the it worked perfectly, so I just want if I could get the placeholder and input as empty on page load or I could select current date from date picker and it get stored, (Note: I dont want it to assign current date on preparation)

Hi Tousif,

I use to set a tabindex in the input:

Then in Preparation use a javascript to make it empty:

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José Gonçalves

Thanks this Worked!!!

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