News on Certification and Specialization badges

Hello OutSystems Community,

This year, we have been focused on improving many assets of your training and certification journey experiences. Today, we are sharing just a few updates that we have been working on regarding the certification and specialization badges.

Until today, looking at a member’s profile preview, focusing on certification badges, you could only see a maximum of 5 badges. These badges only included certifications and their highest level, thus excluding specializations. 

Now, you will already be able to see the 5 newest badges attained, regardless of their level, and for both certifications and specializations, whenever that applies. 

When you go to the Community Ideas, when you mouse over a user’s profile picture, you will also find the same rule applying, as you can see in the image below:

Community Members Page

On your Community profile, on the Learn tab, again you will find all your badges, regardless of their level, certifications, and/or specializations. See below:

This is all we have for you today, but stay tuned as more updates to improve your experience are planned soon, and we will be sure to let you know all the details.

Thank you,

Thanks @Patrícia Landim for all these updates related to changes for badges on different sections for the community members!

Good improvement. Just a quick note, displaying the badges with a fixed order ("importance") could create a better visual understanding.


Totally agree, Jose. By the way, ain't they in the precedence order? To me, it looks like it is the case.

It's ordered from the most recent to the oldest one.

Thanks. Good Improvement. 

After I checked my profile I notice it missing one of my certification badges. The Web Traditional certification.

Patrícia Landim can you check what happen ?


Hi Alberto,

We have done a fix and you should now be able to find your Associate Traditional Web certification badge on your profile.

Thank you,

great news


Thanks Patricia

Right now all my certificates appear!

Best Regards

Thanks for the update


It is still missing the PreSales and Sales Certifications.

Hi David,

Your community profile currently only shows technical certifications and specializations, therefore the sales and pre-sales badges do not show up.

Thank you,

Hi @Patrícia Landim 

When will the Sales and Pre-Sales badges going to be shown in Learn tab? Cause till now I do not know how to download my certificates on Sales and Pre-Sales.

Johny William

Nice Update

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