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My application is distributed as both native apps & PWA. There is an ask for the users to be able to choose between  capturing an image through their camera or select an existing image from their phone's gallery.

The chooseGallerypicture action mentions that its only available for native apps. Is there an alternate option to get it working in a PWA ?


I haven't ever done this myself, but if you google you can find several possible solutions, e.g. here.

Thanks Kilian. Just wanted to check if I could somehow use this plugin so that I could just rely on the platform rather than a custom solution.

Hi, I am facing the same problem. Can anyone please provide solution for this question?

In this camera plugin chooseImage action not working. Its showing error. 

nothing other than creating our own custom solution unfortunately .

Rakesh, have you figured out a solution/workaround for this? Thanks.


Regarding the PWA part you can just use the 'Upload' widget provided by Outsystems. With this widget you should be able to use an existing image from the phone's gallery or capture a new image through the camera.

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