automatic update of database-driven dynamic web page

automatic update of database-driven dynamic web page

I would like to create a web page that is connected to a database such as Access/Oracle. When the database is modified, I want the webs page to dynamically refresh on its own, or even refresh on its own periodically. Is this possible?

Check out this component:

t might help
Hi Goncalo,

This seems like the perfect tool! But how do I connect to the extension? When I try to publish it in Integration Studio, it says I do not have intellectual property rights. Sorry I am new to this.

Ah nevermind figured it out!
Great tool!

Can this tool be backwards compatible, updating the database from edits in the web page? if not, do you have any ideas on how I can go about this?
Also, an this work with excel as well?

Thank you!!
Well, for that I think you could just use the platform's ajax functionality, so that the OnChange property of a textbox for instance points to a screen action where you update the database...

Regarding excel, I don't know of any public component that reads/writes to excel instead of the database... If I would do that, I'd rather have the excel imported to the database, and then a "download as excel" button that snapshots and exports to excel from the database at any given moment.
Hope this helps