Open PDF and read the entire document (mandatory)
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Hi all,

We are currently implementing a mobile application and we have to implement a feature in which the user will read a PDF file - there are several Forge Components to render a PDF and this is not the problem.

We need to know if the user went through the entire file and I'd like to know if any of you have implemented this in the past and how. We are still designing the technical solution but until now, we didn't find anything. 

Any thoughts?

Best regards,

Ricardo Pedroso

Hi Ricardo,

This is a difficult one to make sure 100% that the person read the PDF file. But a easy implementation that comes into my mind is having a checkbox at the end of the PDF file where user marks that he read/understood the PDF.

If you put your PDF preview in a popup/modal and at the end implement this checkbox that allows closing the popup only when it's checked I think it's an extra validation at least, even though you cannot guarantee people read the entire file.



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