Have multiple store Apps for just one outsystems application


Right now we have a Multitenant application and have the the need to have different mobile apps for the different tenants (the apps need to have different names and logos for each tenant).

The logic of our Mobile APP in itself is the same for all tenants, so our team first ideia would be to have a Core Application that would have the webblocks with all of the logic, and then a different application for each tenant, that would just have the screens to consume these webblocks. In these we only have to maintaine one core application and have multiple apps that can be deployed to the store.

Another ideia would be to have a dummy application, that has a screen, and on initialize would redirect the user to our main app (but it seems a little bit sketchy and we're afraid this would be blocked by Apple Review)

The ideal situation would be to be able to publish different Apps in the store from the same Outsystems Mobile Application, but from what we've investigated this does not seem possible correct?

Does anyone have any suggestion on how better to approach this situation?

Thanks in advance

Hi Viriato,

I've faced a similar situation. The first approach works well.

You can have 2 different apps containing all the screens only. Use Screen Blocks (web blocks having full layouts) (note, Screen Modules is not part of Outsystems terminology, just referring for ease of understanding)

One of your apps can be a main app, which you use to develop and create screens and reference modules. The remaining replications can be done to just hold copy of main app. No screen / code to be added or modified in replicated apps.

My use case was limited to 2 tenants, but you can scale up for multiple apps if you're happy to maintain and find enough worth in doing that.

At times, you might need to update the code on replicated apps to use for other tenants when you have changes coming in the main app. So keep as little code in that main app as possible making it easier to manage. Ideally it should have only screens and tenant specific resources only. Lesser elements in the main app would bring ease of comparison when you update the other app modules.

My above explanation might reflect a solution that I used particularly for my use case, but you can ask here further if you have anything specific to your use case.

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