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Hi Team, start date with datepicker If I take on screen ,It is giving default date on screen and even on load of page ,It is asking for validation to enter start date.

Please let me know why it is asking for start date.I have given nulldate validation.But screen display we have  default date how is coming,and If it is displaying current date then still asking for to enter start date.

Can you share an OML? or the properties of what you are doing on saving? and on initializing? and the properties of that input?

Thanks! Kind regards,


Hello Ujwwala,

Please share your OML or screen shots for the properties of Date picker widget and Onload client action to look into your problem.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi Sachin,

I have not put the datepicker,I have just took the normal date input,

On below I want on screen load the display to be YY/MM/DD and on calender selection values also should be the same format.Please suggest.

Hello ujwala,

I have made a little example with maybe is your issue, you can try here:

I also share the OML that you can see what I have done.

Hope it helps,

Nuno R



I want datepicker format to be changed as YY/MM/DD on screen load and after slecting calender input.

Please share an oml if any

Hello ujwala

I share the OML on the above message.

Are you using the datepicker component or the input component with format date?

Best Regards,

Nuno R


I am using input component and want to change display format

Hello ujwala,

It´ s not possible to do that without a custom component with javascript.

See this link:

Hope it helps,

Nuno R

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