[MathExprEval] "EvaluateWithParams" action of "MathExprEval" is timing out
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Good Day.

We have a scenario where "EvaluateWithParams" action of "MathExprEval" forge component is timing out during the last iteration of calculation. 

However when we invoke the same action individually with same parameters it works fine even after invoking multiple times. Moreover this issue is happening only in UAT environment and its working fine in the development environment.





Hi Zubair,

Is there anything visible in the logging like an error message or timeout or something that could help in tracking this problem down? What kind of iteration are you performing? Is the data in de UAT environment exactly the same as that in the development environment?

Could you share a simple module that exhibits this behaviour?

Sorry for the many questions, but from your description alone it's difficult to troubleshoot.

Dear Killian,

Thanks for your response.

On the screen we are getting the error "An exception occurred in the client script. Error: The connection to the server was reset. Server returned status error " which indicates the operation did not completed within server defined timeout period.

We have an action to calculate the profit rate which sends the expression and ExpressionParams with different values to derive the final profit rate based on Finance Amount and Installment Amount.

We tried to debug it and it takes forever on EvaluateWithParams for the last call, surprisingly all previous calls work fine. 

We also tried to pass same expression and expression parameters from our test application and it works fine there.



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