Agile Platform 6.0 Installation Checklist - Information/Doubt

Hello all,

I've been trying to make a clean and tidy install of Platform 6.0 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 (Deployment Controller + Front-End) and using an external ORACLE Database.

Everything goes well, until the following item in the Agile Platform Install Checklist
  • At this point you need to have the data and session model created. If you do not, please refer to the Database profile in this checklist.
After a couple of searches in the community articles, I ended up finding some oracle sql scripts on the Outsystems/db installation directory, that would create the users, tablespaces and even the runtime model (i guess).

As that looked a bit odd for me, especially because I knew that probably the Configuration Tool would do that for me, I only created the users and tablespaces with that script and made some tweaks so that all data stayed on the same tablespace (i prefer it that way). Then i used the Configuration Tool and followed the rest of the checklist with no problems.

However, and that's the main reason for posting this, when i tried to install the EnterpriseManager Solution, it hanged and did not compile correctly.

So my questions are, what does that point on the checklist means and what should i do to prepare the ORACLE database for outsystems platform.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
Luis Pedro
Hi Luís,

The database portions of the checklist are available by chosing the Database role in the checklist dropdowns: 

So I would suggest you take a look at the items and see if there is something missing.
If that doesn't solve it for you please let us know.

Best Regards
David Nunes
Ouch, i can't believe i haven't found that...

Many many thanks!

Luis Pedro

PS: I checked the database checklist and it seems i did everything the right way... call it "luck" :)