[Quiz System Sample] Access a Forge application and modifying it.
Forge component by Christian Luki
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I have downloaded this application through Forge but I am unable to access and create quizes etc. I have attempted to make changes in what roles can access what without any luck. Does anyone know how to get full accessibility to applications downloaded through Forge? Or do I have to reach out to the developer? 

Thank you in advance! 

Never used this app, however I installed the app, gave the Role Admin to a user and got access to create quizes, and questions without any problem.
So, the best (easier and quick) is to give Admin access to a user.
Don't forget to logout and login to apply the new role

Note: When you change a forge app when updating it your changes will be lost.
So, IMO, the best is not to personalize forge apps, but give your improvement idea to the app author so that he can implement it and the community also be able to enjoy the idea on the app.

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