How to set download file path in a tranditianol web app
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Traditional Web

I am useing traditional web developer. 

When I use [download] widgt to down file to local. It  saves file to defulted local path. How can i set the local path of file saved.

Hi Yao,

If you want to save to disk, just set Save to Disk to Yes. This will allow user to select which path to save the file.

You can take a look at this document as well

Hope this helps,


Hi Truong,

I had set  Save to Disk to Yes .

But brower not allow me to select path to save. Brower directly saves the file to a defalut  path. 

Edge and Chrome are same.

Any other advise?

Hi Yao,

Ahh, now it's browser settings thing, not Outsystems issue.

You can update browser setting for example this is Edge setting:

Just enable "Ask me what to do with each download" or you can change the default location as well.

You can go and search how to update browser's settings on the internet.



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