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Forge component by JitendraSinghYadav
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I was wondering if you can help with this. As far as I know this is a licensed product but I read nothing about this in the components description. Can you clarify this? Is this indeed a paid component of is this part open-source and free to use for commercial products?




Hi Vincent,

I am not the component creator, but have worked in the past with Kendo libraries. What I recall is that Kendo-ui Core is opensource. So it depends on if the Forge component is only using kendo-ui core components, or also components that are only available in a commercial license.

Looking at the description of the component, I would say that it does require a license as it used the Kendo UI Drawing library which is not part of the Kendo-ui core.


When checking the Kendo libraries included in the Forge component, it turns out it even uses the complete Kendo-UI package which for sure is not free, the comments of the library also mention that. 

I think the component owner should state this more clearly in the component description.



Hi Daniel,

I thought the same and wanted some clarification. I'll skip this component for this reason at the moment. 



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