How To Type In and Selcet from a combobox.

I am trying to make a system where an end user can add a customer under the customer tab. Then I want them to be able to go to the Pawn tab and click on add. On the top, be able to type in a combobox (or another type of box) and put in one of the following features (Name, SSN, or Photo attrubies from the customer). It would then add that info to the current tab in the right places.

Or if you have another way of doing such, you can give me a suggestion. I will upload the file I am working with right now.
Hi Michael,

Can't you do so in the regular Pawn_Edit screen you already have? 

Are you trying to have a single input? If so, why?


Paulo Tavares
I am just trying to setit up so that the end user could add a customer, then go and add a pawn and then input just one of the info that could find them (which would be their name, photo, or ssn). I don't want them to be able to edit that info, as that would already be done in the customer  section.