Is SS key unchanged across all environments


I'm writing an app that is querying espaces, and I would like to exclude certain ones for safety reasons.  

Can I use SS key for this, will that be the same in every place the app is installed ?  

I'm getting a clue from the SQL Sandbox tool, where ServiceCenter gets excluded as an espace by hardcode query on the SS key, but is this true for all espaces ??



Hi Dorine,


  • A module always have a unique SS_Key generated and stored in the metamodel and equal in all environments
  • SS_Keys are not unique for Entity and Entity_Attr, for example, cloned module

  • Entity_Record has a composed key with SS_Key and Entity_SS_Key



Thank you for that link Daniel,

this also clarifies another mystery for me :

I understood that the second part of entity_attr.type for reference attributes is the SS key of the referred entity, but I didn't get what that bit before the * was for.  

Now I see it's the espace sskey to make the reference unique.


The SSKey is indeed unique per module and shared across environments but also across factories.

This is why it is a good practice to clone a forge component when you are going to make changes to it and you want to avoid it to be accidently updated to a newest version overriding your manual changes.

When you download a component from the Forge and install it in your factory, it will have the same SSKey in every factory and in the factory where the creator is implementing it. The SSKey is used to make the link with the forge component and to detect new versions, which are presented under the bell on Service Studio's right top corner.

Not making a clone out of the component before changing it will cause a version mismatch to the forge version and a suggestion to update it will popup, which can lead to another element of the team to upgrade the component and overriding manual changes. 

Kind Regards,

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