Agile Platform 5.0 Java Community Edition + AMIs available!

Agile Platform 5.0 Java Community Edition + AMIs available!

Hi everyone,

This message is meant for all of you who have been wanting to try out the Java/Linux version of the Agile Platform. The Java team has made a tremendous work with version 5.0 and made it extremely easy to install the server components. For the common scenario all you nees is to run four commands in your terminal after setting up the database. Naturally you will still have install Service Studio and Integration Studio in your windows machine.

Follow the instructions at

Attached you can find a community license file to upload after you've set up your installation.

Note that the Platform Server is only fully certified for Redhat 5 installations but is known to work with Redhat clones such as CentOS.

To make your life even easier we've prepared a couple of Amazon AMIs fully setup with Oracle Express, JBoss and the Agile Platform with a community license so you can get started with zero effort. You can find them in the US-West region under the names OutystemsPlatform50JEE-Community and OutystemsPlatform50JEE-Community-Small.

Let me know what are your experiences with this.

All the best,