[Data Workshop] How to view entity data?
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Hello Dorine,

I downloaded your app, but I fail to see how I can view entities. My user has all the roles.

Are there specific steps I need to follow before it works?




Hi Daniel,

the user can define what espaces he's interested in, only those will be shown in the grid menu.

So first step would be to go to the settings

Here the user can say how he wants his menu to be built up.

There's the favourites and recent section, and then he can also pick one or more of the espaces.

So you should be seeing some of your espaces here and if you select something different than 'hidden', they should show up in the grid menu, showing the entities in it.

please let me know if that is not the case


I found what went wrong, the list was so long, that I missed at the top there was a save button. My preferences were not saved.


the user interface on this preferences screen is just a first draft, I still have to think about how to make it easier to use

but that's not so high on my priority list

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