How to Save a file in internal storage (Mobile)

Hi All,

I need to save and open the PDF file in other mobile application to share the PDF via other apps.

I am generating a PDF file and I want to save that file in the internal memory and I am using Open Document action to open the application in external applications. 

But I am getting a error in Save File action. Anyone help me to achieve this. 



Hi Aadhavan,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using mobile application environment, there is no download action available.

 can File Downloader for Mobile  component be able to download the PDF file?

I think it is for downloading excel file.

Hi @RifazHussain M

The above-mentioned component is designed for downloading files from the mobile application.

Yes, we can download pdf files as well with the same component. Excel download is just example

Thanks, Aadhavan S 

Hi @RifazHussain M!

Can you share the error you get while trying to 'SaveFile'?



Hi @José Santos ,

Thanks for your reply!

Please find the error code and error description in the attached screenshot below.

Hi Rifaz, 

Try to use the folder name like this: Hopes this will resolve the issue. 

Hi ,

I tried this one now, but still the same error persists.


Then please check binary data is not null.

Or you can share oml file.



Please find the attached OML file at the top.

Hi Rifaz,

Sorry for delayed response.

I have been through your OML.

Please change the below logic.

On Save File do this:

On Open Document use FilePath not URL, because you are trying to open a local pdf file which is saved in Document folder.


Sorry for the delayed response,

I tried this too but it isn't working.

Is your issue solved? If yes please tell me how?? I am facing the same issue

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