How to generate the CSR file using windows to develop app in iOS?
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11.12.7 (Build 51940)

I want to generate and distribute my mobile app for development test in iOS.
I don not have mac machine, therefore I am using windows to generate certificate.
When I run this command in my terminal:

<path_to_openssl_bin>\openssl.exe req -out Test.csr -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout p.key

I get this error:
req: Can't open "p.key" for writing, Permission denied

Do you may know how I can solve it?


Hi Fatemeh,

Are you using CMD with administrative privileges?

Do you have permission to create files in the <path_to_openssl_bin> folder?

What version of OpenSSL are you using?


Pedro Costa

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